Informational brochure about the pencil sharpening machine



Do you have a pencil sharpening machine „Jupiter“? You would like to have more information about it?

I have something you might need. I compiled a brochure about this very interesting machine. I put all my knowledge, which I got to know through my homepage, into this booklet. You will get information about the different models, the years of production and the differences between the models 1, 2, 2/51 and  2/51 B 

This is the table of contents:
- a whole page of a commercial advertisement
- introduction
-the history of the producer Guhl & Harbeck Inc. with an old advertising sheet
-A general introduction of the Jupiter and its functioning
-operating instructions of Jupiter 1 (German Language)
-A special page about Jupiter 1and Jupiter 1 G
-Different versions of labelings from Jupiter 1 / G
-A copy of the patent of Jupiter 1
-Copies of the original description of Jupiter 2 (German Language)
-A special page about Jupiter 2 (differences to model 1 etc.)
-Labeling versions of J2
-A copy of the patent of Jupiter 2
-A copy of the original description of Jupiter 2/51 (German Language)
-A special page about Jupiter 2/51
-A special page about Jubiter 2/51 B
-Statistical analysis of the machines,which were sold within the last four years on Ebay!
Tipps for maintenance
-Development of the value/prices
Changing and adjustment of the shaper
-Dismantling and tips for cleaning
Similar models and other copies of old catalogue pages (1905-1953)

Price is 10 Euro 
Postage to Europe: 4 Euro
World Wide (USA, Canada) Surface: 7 Euro, Airmail 8 Euro I accept also Dollars, Change see here:

I have also other spare parts for the Jupiter, ALSO the scare Drawer (replaced, cast iron, all Jupiter-Models)

You can Pay with Paypal (not Kreditcard) or banktransfer (only europe) without extra cost.

Test it:

>The pencil-sharpening machine “Jupiter” is one of the most famous mechanical pencil sharpeners of its time. Even today, a hundred years after its patent application, it is not on the scrap heap. Quite the reverse: more and more people like to have this impressive piece of early German engineering skills on their writing desks.

It goes back to a time when the industrial production started. It was the time when the label “Made in Germany” was a synonym for high-quality work. Not only because of this, was the machine exported to the whole world. - If you think about it properly how many ´Jupiters` are still existing today, more than 50, 80 or even 100 years after their production and after two world wars, then it does quiet impress. The mechanical pencil sharpeners, which are sold these days, are – with some exceptions (El Casco!) -  only made of plastic and stop working after the tenth pencil. In 50 years, nobody will know about them. Nevertheless, the ´Jupiters` will still exist! Probably the advertising slogan “the pencil sharpening machine that survives its owner” was right in most of the cases!

Quiet interesting is the fact that the Jupiter had its triumphal march all over the world although there have been many similar machines of competitors.

The time has come to dedicate this machine an abstract. I was able to collect many copies and information, which I would like to impart to you with the help of this brochure.

In 1987, I started to collect pencil sharpeners. I was able to collect more than 4400 pencil sharpeners, including about 200 pencil-sharpening machines. I own four different ´Jupiter` and I `ve got two similar working models: two SB, one ´Vindobona` and one ´Kastro`.<




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